Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The 7th weekend of the ECCC road racing season was as eventful as any other.  It began as most do... William Pitt Union.   The racers this weekend were:

Grant (Gary)
Bob (myself)
Steph (she met us in Massachusetts)
(It should be noted that these names are in order of arrival.  Amy was there earlier than I, but she was in the wrong parking lot and she forgot her phone!) 

While loading up the van Amy mentioned a few times that she would really like to her phone.  Most of these requests were ignored until she put in a "serious request" and confirmed us it would be "on the way".  Now usually we wouldn't make any special house stops but since it was a small crew and it was on the way we figured what the heck.  So we left the Union headed for Amy's house.  After a couple of turns, some stop signs/lights and a tour of all Amy's old schools we realized, it really wasn't on the way.  But we got her phone.

So we set off Grant, Amy, Shreya and I on our way to Massachusetts.  The GPS's ETA (that's weird)  was approximately 8:30.  A 10 hour drive!  It's okay we were ready.  Now I don't want to bore anyone with all the minor details... so here are some of the highlights:

I was nominated as Team Captain.  What does this mean?  It means that I now have powers equivalent to that of President.  Sweet.

There was an epic battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors in which  Bob Stumpf (yeah I'm going 3rd person) swept Shreya Mehta with 3 rocks!  With this win I was able to postpone my driving duties till the last portion of the trip.  (This was clutch because I didn't have to drive in all the traffic)

Eventually, we arrived at the Colonial Hotel (a really shwanky place).  For those of you that skipped out, you really missed something special.  The Colonial was loaded... a pool, arcade, bar and restaurant (not that we had time or money to take advantage of these luxuries but it was cool to know that they were there^^). 


The main entrance to the Colonial

Oh yeah... If anyone has something they really need to buy but is tight on cash just ask Grant to put it on his card for you.  (He reluctantly had to put the rooms on his card till Steph arrived.)

Race Day 1

We woke up early and decided we would hit up a Dunkin Donuts before going to the race scene.  We had passed one the night before so I led the way... No problem.  On the way from the Dunkin Donuts to the parking lot Steph led the way... Problem.  I made the mistake of following Steph and Shreya down a one way highway the wrong way!  Yes! I went head to head with a 1996(ha I'm totally making this number up) Chevy Camaro.  I made an evasive maneuver into an empty parking lot and saved Grant and Amy's life.  Anyways, we got there and asked Steph and Shreya if they realized they were on a one way highway the wrong way.... they didn't. 

So the girls geared up for the TTT.  Grant and I chilled back at the van.  The parking lot was nice.   MIT brought in some really nice Port-o-Johns for the occasion and there was even a sink with soap outside!  Thanks MIT.  Makes it a little more like home.  Girls finished the TTT and I'm not sure they placed well but they had a good time so all is good.
First road race of the day was Grant in Men's D.  He was pumped and the weather was awesome.  Around the time he went off it was probably 75 and Sunny, not a cloud in the sky!  
Next off was Amy in Women's Intro.  
Followed by Shreya and Steph in Women's B.  Somewhere the temperature sky rocketed and it got hott!  The weather check in the morning said something like a High of 80... I heard rumors that it was 87(it felt like it).
I brought in the last race of the day in Men's A.  It was a great race.  I road well and got away on lap 6 and soloed in for 5th place.  I felt good.  Special thanks to the team for hooking me up with bottles each time around!  At one point I was bottleless ( I dropped Grant's out on the road) and I wasn't sure if the team was going to be at the feed zone or not.  I road into the feed zone begging everyone for a bottle and out of nowhere Grant appears from the crowd with his Pitt jersey on.   Words cannot describe how good that bottle was.

Post Race Day 1...

Nothing really happened.  We went back to the hotel and pretty much went to bed.  Everyone was tired and we wanted to get some sleep for the crit.

Race Day 2

Arrival to the parking lot for the Crit was much safer as we did not follow Steph to the course. Off the top of my head I can't remember the order of the races but a quick recap of the results.  Grant finished Men's D and had his best finish all year beating out something like 11 people.  Congrats Grant.  Steph and Shreya both raced the Women's B.  There was a break early on and both girls were on the wrong side of it.  Eventually Super Woman Steph bridged the gap solo!(I knew she would get it) and ended up taking 5th.  Shreya had a tougher race but finished it out.  Next was Amy in the Women's Intro.  This was the excitement of the day as she ended up crashing, bouncing her head of the pavement and was taken to the hospital.  Fortunately she was okay.  I guess the she was diagnosed with a mild concussion and was told to "Not think too hard." Yeah.... Insert your comment here_____________.    I brought in the last race of the day in Men's A.  I raced lame-o.  I couldn't get near the front.  Just didn't have it in me.  Finished in the field. Blah.   

Before I bring this back to our trip home I need to do a special report to clear up this picture for everyone!  So, if you have raced with me then most of you will know that I get serious before the race.  So after my solo effort on Saturday I knew I needed to get in a good warm up in.  I decided to just cruise the local streets.  After a little while my legs felt okay and I decided I would go back to the van to get a banana.  I cross the road into the parking lot and bam!!! I see this....


Before I could even get a word out Steph yells "Bob!! I'm going to the river!"  I almost fell off my bike laughing so hard.  You know those special moments when you realize you will never forget this for the rest of your life?  Well this was one for me.  Thanks Steph.  (She was hot and decided she was going for a swim at the River)

Okay.  Now, since we didn't want to drive 10 hours all the way home to Pittsburgh we decided to break up the drive and spend the night at Steph's house.  This always is a good idea as Steph's mom hooks us up with some sweet eats!  Steph gave us the directions.  Enough said.  Use your mental map and imagine Boston then imagine New Jersey.  Somehow we ended up approximately 10 miles from New Hampshire...  It was a really really long drive.  

Highlights of the drive...

Grant and I mastered the no stop driver switch.  Sweet.

Eventually made it to Steph's house had some good food and went to bed.  The next day we woke up and left at 8.

The drive was going really smooth.  Shreya drove the first third and I took the second third. Wouldn't you know after a season of racing and driving across state I got a ticket right outside of Altoona.  Almost home!  80 in a 65.  Blah.  The officer was cool I told him we were coming from the big race. ^^

Anyways,  I'm sorry this took me so long to post.  Stay tuned for a post from Easterns this weekend.  Oh yeah,  Shreya graduated!  Congratulations and good luck!  It was great having you on the team.  Keep on riding.

Until next time ride hard,



Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting back to business^^

After 7 weeks of racing in the ECCC, Pitt Cycling has decided it's time to get back to business! Ohhh... YEAH! It's blog time!  
While we realize the season is nearly over,  we figure it's better late than never!

Stay posted for a recap of the MIT X-Pot race weekend!  

BoB ^^