Friday, March 26, 2010

3 Weekend Update

Two years in a row the weather cooperated with us at Rutgers.  It was an awesome weekend.  I don't believe we had a biggest Pitt showing for the Season Opener but those who came out were ready to race.  Our best result in the TT was Andrew Seitz, bringin' home a 13th place.  Ironically, we (Andy and I) rode almost exactly the same time except I was a fraction of a second slower.  So... I settled with 14th.  The Crit was different than last year but it was definitely exciting.  The Men's A squad put two riders in the top 10 and 3 in the top 20.  Seitz = 6th; Nik = 8th, me = 16th
Steph Stambaugh muscled her way to a 4th place.  Sweet.  Next day was also nice weather but our racing sucked.  Andy and I missed the move.  I don't remember our placing off the top of my head but somewhere far back.  blah.  Overall, a successful weekend for Pitt.  Could there be a Pitt Men's A team at nationals!?

The team at Steph's house.


Columbia/ Stevens.  It was epic.  Probably the second worst weather I have ever rode in behind Yale.  As far as  I know Seitz, our new Men's Intro rider Dave Kugelman, and I were the only riders to participate in Columbia's hurricane race.  Dave pulled out a 3rd place which was definitely a highlight to the weekend as Seitz and I missed another four man move with 2 former Pittsburghers.  (Alex Cox and Aaron Meyers)  Riding back to Stephs house the balm burned bad.  Stevens put on a new race course for us that was a ton of fun and shame on all those who missed it.  Unfortunately, it came to a field sprint and Andy and I finished both somewhere in the top 20.  It was a loooooonnnnggg drive home.

NO pictures because this weekend sucked.

And last weekend was awesome!  We stayed at Cohen's house which was better than any 5 star hotel.Philly Phlyer rocks!  It's sorta close, the weather was beautiful and the courses were awesome.  The men's A team lit it up in the TTT and took a second place.  I am still sorta curious of how we pulled it off but nevertheless we scored some team points.  Steph and Amy represented the Women's A TTT.  Also bringing home some points.  The circuit is great two cool climbs on both sides and I made the move (FINALLY) and ended up finishing 8th.  Seitz, Samson, and Nik all finished in the field.  The crit the next day was crazy, lots of turns, super fast.  Unfortunately, we had two riders go down.  Amy and Andy.  They both seem to be okay, the usual...road rash, some cuts and some bike damage but nothing permanent.  Hopefully, they will be back to full strength in no time.  I think the race of the day goes to Zerby who killed it in the Men's D field.  He missed the 9 man move and drove the chase field all day and still w
on the sprint taking home a top 10.  Sweet.

Andy, Samson and I.  Nik was just behind.


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