Thursday, September 11, 2008

Track Nats Race #1

So the PCC has made it to Colorado Springs (which by the way is an extremely beautiful city). Nik and I are here for track nationals. Well, not me, I'm just here for support.

The first race has finished up. Nik came in 17 out of about 70 riders. He finished the 3km persuit in 3:42.6. and beat the kid he was persuing. I'm working on getting some pictures up on here...of Nik's homemade PCC skinsuit (it looks pretty good), him racing, and this awsome view of Pikes Peak that we happen to have from the hotel.

There is one more race left tonight, the 1km TT. By the time we are finished with it, I expect it to be pretty late back home. Look for more info at some point late tonight for you or early in the morning as well as a few pictures.

The points race is all day saturday. So 2 more races to go.




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