Monday, January 25, 2010

Training hard... hardly training

January came and went wicked fast!  The weather (for the most part) was bearable and with every passing day we are approaching the season opener at Rutgers!  Sweet.

My main man Andy has been ripping it up on the mean streets of Pittsburgh.  Coach Brodie has him on some crazy new workout schedule.  Now I know that you are probably thinking "yeah, so what he's riding intervals."  Well, check out this picture captured early morning before class.  

Yeah... be scared, very scared.

So, I've been trying to follow the new collegiate hot topic... 'Varisty Cycling.'  While I have read many good opinions on both sides, I can't seem to figure why so many are opposed.

I would assume that most collegiate cyclists can agree that to be truly competitive there needs to be serious time spent in the saddle.  With the collegiate season starting so early there is already enough pressure of beating the clock(i.e. shorter days) and trying to stay warm(i.e. riding in sun) that school work often gets pushed on the back burner.  While I don't know everyone's academic record and/or their study habits, I am willing bet cycling has taken away from his/her school work and thus grades have suffered. But, even knowing this, many of us still choose the ride.  I can't blame you, it's way better than school. Now, I'm also willing to assume that everyone knows the benefits that 'Varsity athletes' receive.  These range from lower credits per semester, leniency on deadlines, help from tutors and the list goes on and on.  So I question you... Why wouldn't we want varsity cycling?!?  We train just as much if not more than many varsity athletes yet we don't receive any of the benefits!

I recognize that Varsity Cycling has many other pros and cons but the above issue seems to be the most obvious to me.

Bring on February! 

keep your tongue in the spokes,


At 26/1/10 1:46 PM, Anonymous Steph said...

we wouldn't want varsity cycling would not be open to every student who wanted to "try out" cycling. Many cyclists enter the sport as college students because of the openness of clubs, but once it turns varsity, many will be discouraged to try out for the team (because there will be limitations on who makes it) and will, in effect, decrease the growth of the sport. Also, it will become too serious and not allow any cyclist who has ever accepted money to race collegiate. Which means no pro cyclists as well. Discouraging the growth of cycling in general.

At 26/1/10 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The no pro thing is only if NCAA takes over collegiate cycling, which USAcycling would never allow.

What would stop the "TEAM" from working with the "club?"

Also cycling as a varsity sport exists at many schools across the country, and I'm sure they don't only have A racers on their teams/in their clubs.

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