Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quick update...

Okay everyone... So I'm in the midst of writing up the Easterns weekend (it's almost done) but I want to let everyone know I am Colorado!  I love it.  

After the flight yesterday, the plan was to...

1. Check in to the hotel

It is awesome.  I am on the 5th floor with a spectacular view of the mountains.  Also, there is a really cool vibe because everyone is a bike rider... This place really went out of the way for the riders... as soon as I signed in they guy behind the desk handed me 10 rags stapled together saying something like clean your bike with these not our hand towels. I should of just told him the Pitt Team has never used hotel hand towels before ^^.

2.  Get some food

Nothing much to say here... guess what I ate? Pasta.

3.  Get the bike back together

Amazingly, this wasn't as bad as I would of expected.   The bike survived the flight in good form and went back together just as easy as it came apart.

4.  Go on a ride!!!!!

This I must say has been the highlight of my trip.  I did exactly what I think any normal bike racer would have done... I went for the mountains.  I was recommended to stay close to the hotel (it was getting late) but after about 10 minutes looking at the hills I knew that is were I needed to go.  Now riding to the mountains was really no different than riding at home, in the sense that I didn't notice any breathing difficulties.  But once I started climbing I instantly started sucking air.  At first I couldn't figure it out.  After approx 30 seconds of thinking "Why do I feel like this?" I remembered "It's the elevation!"  I was surprised but they weren't lying... it actually makes a difference.  Anyways, I climbed to the top and looked out and realized I'm soo over Pittsburgh.

The weather this morning is awesome not a cloud in the sky.  I might not be coming home.

Also if anyone is interested they will be streaming the race live on at this site...

(if that doesn't work just got to and following the link to live streaming)

The road race is Friday (tomorrow) at 11 (Colorado time)

The goal today is pre-ride the course get my race number.

Well, I'll probably post again so keep checking.

One love,




At 7/5/09 10:59 AM, Anonymous Steph said...

bob. I swear I'm moving out to live in CO once I graduate so here's the deal. you go out there now and figure out everything, oh and bring kyle, cause he would love it, and then I'll join later. do it. I dare you.


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