Monday, May 04, 2009

Coming Soon...

Hello Everyone,

Another stellar weekend for the Pitt Cycling TEAM(not club) coming from Happy Valley!

Stay tuned for all the juicy details. Some quick highlights to wet the appetite...

-Pitt takes the highway (cause we don't give a f^#K!)

-Samson takes out Dilla on the training ride (is there an inner team rivalary?)

-Steph picks Dilla over Stumpf (What the?!?!?)

-Grant shits the bed on the directions (Was he secretly trying to sabotage our Men's C TT?)

-Buzin breaks the fall with his face..../ hip (his spirit is unscathed)

-Dilla goes CRAZY in the Crit (does he think he can beat the pavement?)

-Kyle races the crit (Not that bad for a hangover.)

-Steph decides she doesn't want the overall third place in Women's B (Does she think she's too good?)

-Stumpf flats with two to go in the Crit (did he secretly just let the air out of his tire?)

-Columbia attacked the Pitt vans (start thinking about revenge NOW)

Okay... So if that doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will. I will try to write this up as soon as I can. I have a busy week. I leave for nationals Wednesday!

Also, everyone should take the ECCC survey. This is the link... even if you don't fill everything out at least vote for Pitt in for the Long Distance Travel Award.

Send me some pictures if you took some... I will try and fix the picture problem.

One love,



At 4/5/09 12:07 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

Great teaser Bob! Looking forward to the full post! I'm going to throw up my (few) pictures from the weekend today after work.

At 4/5/09 6:43 PM, Anonymous Steph said...

bob. you know i love you. but you needed your beauty sleep, alone, to perform well in the RR.

At 4/5/09 11:50 PM, Anonymous Samson said...

I hate Dilla!!!!
No I <3 him!!

At 5/5/09 4:03 PM, Blogger Matt said...

these updates are great and im happy the blog us auctually being used again.


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