Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Beauty of Winter Ride

I was going to adjust my saddle height a few days ago, but then to my horror, the seat post won't move, no matter how hard I twisted it! I thought carbon and aluminum shouldn't bind, but they did! So I checked the Sheldon Brown's website for some tips. It appeared that dripping some lube down the seat tube and letting it stand for a night may help. Even so, I had to use a soft mallet to bang on the saddle nose left and right to free up the seize.
When I finally pulled out the seat post, there was lots of white condensation on it. I guessed they were the salt residue seeped in to the seat tube during winter ride. So definitely clean and grease your seat post often during winter! Picture:

08/26/2007 Student Activity Affair

For those who missed the whole show