Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dan Doan 100!

What a lovely day for a century ride! Too bad only 5 of us did it.

The climax of the ride, besides visiting Dan's house and raiding his Gatorade, cookies and fruits, was the 10-km bike trail around Bethel Park, starting from 95.45 km to 104.24 km on the map. The bike trail ran parallel to the major roads, so we could bypass heavy traffic and enjoy the scenery.

You may wonder why it's short of 100 miles on Bikely. But believe me, Bill and Katty's computers both showed more than 100 miles at the end. I saw two explanation to that: first, the milage showing on Bikely is not accurate; second, I skipped the part going to Dan's house.

Whoever feels like doing the century ride, please look it up at Bikely under the name of "DanDoan 100".


At 11/1/07 10:34 PM, Anonymous LicekrFu said...


your new helmet and Pittsburg shirt look great on you!

and, of course, you look awesome with your cycling pals,too.


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