Friday, December 08, 2006

A note to AJ Smith...

My rant for the day after reading this article:

AJ Smith you are an ungrateful, cocky, overrated bastard. Discovery Channel gave you all this free stuff (Bike, money, gear, chance to ride and train with them, and tons of publicity) and you attack them? If all the teams are so dirty then how are you going to join a "clean team" and win the yellow jersey, which by the way you can't because you are nothing more than an overweight under-trained chump. You make me sick. Good thing you are decent at cycling because apparently you didn't have what it takes to finish your studies at the local Community college. If you are so great and clean why did you dope when you you went to Europe to compete as a junior you hypocrite!

You also have no basis to say that bicycling is the dirtiest sport. I would be willing to bet that football and baseball players have atleast the same percentage of doping athletes. But no one outside of the sport knows for sure.

What? Was nobody talking about you recently so you needed a publicity stunt? Decide to make some crazy statement to get in the news and hope something comes of it? Most of the time when you here the phrase in sports, "He/she is the next [insert top athlete here]" They disappoint, they can't live up to it. And you will fail as well.

I'm sure being some kid racing in the juniors you learned all the insides and outs of the pro-tours including all the dirt on doping. Your knowledge and strive to make the world a better place impresses me NOT.

How about instead of wasting time complaining about people the have done more for the sport then you will ever do, you get on your bike, loose some weight, and prove me wrong. If you can win clean well then here is a cookie. Thousands of people in the history of cycling have won races and pro-tours clean. You are not some crazy visionary and idealist, most people agree with you that doping is bad.

Sorry for the long brutal rant but I needed to vent. That is all.


At 8/12/06 11:42 PM, Blogger mostro delle montagne said...

I mostly agree with Ryan, but also thiks he needs to read the follow up article on velonews


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