Wednesday, December 13, 2006

50 bucks to turn your fluid trainer into a power meter!

Remeber this power-speed curve that I showed during my presentation at the beginning of this semester? If you can find out the equation of the power-speed curve of your fluid trainer, you can determine your power output from a rear-mounted speedometer! And this is what exactly the Kurt Kinetic did - the employed an engineer to solve for the equation for the power-speed curve of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid trainer and hardwired it to a bicycle computer. So the speed sensor mounted on the rear chainstay will feed the speed data to the computer, and through the calculation within the computer, it will turn out the power output data for you to see. And the best of all, you can still use the computer as just speedometer after taking the bike off the trainer! All for just - $50! (If you already have the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer)
P.S. Of course you can use it on Cycleops or Blackburn fluid trainers, but since every trainer has different power-speed curve, the power output reading may be a bit off. Also, some good comparison of power meter equipped trainers provided by


At 14/12/06 9:57 AM, Blogger foxzulu said...

Or you could just take excel, grab the data off the chart, plot it and do a quadratic or cubic curve fit and make a chart and compare speed while you ride. Given, it's not as fancy as having it in a display but it'd work, too. The rear wheel speed reading is still necessary, obviously. But this way it's free. Save $50 and spend them on something else, like new handlebars or pedals


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