Sunday, December 10, 2006

Orange Belt

Now I'm a big fan of the color belts (blue, green, yelloy, turqoise, purple, pinkish....) and especially the entire length of the red belt. But I learned today that the orange belt SUCKS. Especially the first 20 miles between Saxonburg Blvd and Sewickly. Constant hills (yea, I'm biased, I don't like hills), and worse, traffic. Made me feel like I'm a smoker. Given, the last 6 miles of it are quite nice, trough Sewickly Heights or whatever....
Stick to the red belt, it's not that much further and a lot nicer a ride. It remains my favorite ride out there.


At 11/12/06 2:40 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

although the orange belt does have some sweet trails along it and an awesome hill in sewickley (blackburn)

At 11/12/06 5:11 PM, Blogger foxzulu said...

Yea, those last mile of it was quite nice, but I was sick and tired of hills at that point that I could have cared less


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