Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shit happens...

It's one of those days that bad things come simultaneously...
I was getting out of my place with a foggy brain from staying up late for assignments. When I was turning into Neville from Center, perhaps it's because of the wet road or I was carrying too much speed, I fell heavily on my left side. Although it didn't result in serious injury, I got road rash on my elbow and knee, as well as contusion to my leg muscles, which were enough to keep me from ridding hard for a week - that really sucks!
However, that's not the end of the story. After getting myself patched up, I continued to Panther hollow trail, thinking that I still got 15 mintues to get to the lab - hasty, but I could still get there on time. But then, I found that I got a flat tire!
So, I was standing by the trail, trying to fix the flat tire with half-frozen hands (it was 30 degree that morning), while having throbbing pain in my elbow and knee from the fall...I ended up half an hour late.
I went out my place to the lab a bit late the next morning, only to find - in utter astonishment - I got another flat tire! It turned out that I missed a very tiny hole when patching the tube, so the air leaked out gradually during the night. So, I was late again.
The morale of the story: Practice your tube-fixing skill - you never know under what cicumstances that you are going to use it! And check the punctured tube in the water when you get the chance - you may miss a tiny hole no matter how careful you are.


At 22/11/06 8:33 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Sorry to hear that, We all have these days, accidents and other unfortunate events. It can be very frustrating but, this is biking. That is what makes us so crazy, We fall and get messed up and the only thing we can think about is getting better to ride again. Some times the best cure for a day like that is simply another ride, go out the next day whether it be a 30min casual ride, or a 60mile training ride, riding makes us happy, that is what we do.
For some reason I also just love to show off cycling injuries.

Ride on!

At 24/11/06 11:11 PM, Blogger foxzulu said...

you're no real cyclist until you have a broken clavicle


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