Tuesday, November 14, 2006

things about cross trianing buddies and triathlons (I know dan...I know)

So winter will be pretty much officially upon us soon and I'm sure many of us have been hitting it hard most or all of the spring, summer and fall. And while I agree wholeheartedly with Dan's comment "There's no excuse not to be riding a bike" (roughly paraphrased and true, given road, cross, mountain biking and the good old trainer as diverse options for the off-season), burnout is an evil, evil thing. There is no worse feeling than not being excited everyday to ride a bike.
Once the temperatures drop out of this nice low 50's range we have going now, many days will be either a bit chilly and/or short to go for the rides that make the dramatic improvements we all want; sometimes winter is a maintenance of the aerobic system.
For both the great aerobic workout and the importance of keeping workout routines fresh in order to avoid burnout, cross-training (excercises featuring different sports) can be a great idea.
I have recently adopted a triathlon training program (this is the part Dan hates) so many of my days are taken up by double workouts that include running and swimming in addition to the five, or sometimes four days on the bike. I also like to work in a day at the gym with some leg weights.
If anyone out there is interested in cross-training or just triathlons, I would love to have a running, swimming or gym buddy to make things a bit more interesting and fun. Drop me a line so we could get something going, even if it's just a day a week or whatever. Thanks a lot and above all (so dan isn't mad at me), always keep riding!


At 15/11/06 12:18 AM, Blogger Matt said...

I'm up for doing a few workouts with you. I've been getting lazy about starting swimming again and really need to start soon.

At 15/11/06 3:24 PM, Blogger Jerome said...

Zach I'd like/need a running partner. Send me an email SourSW@gmail.com. Also, I'd like to get into swimming however dont' know a damn thing about it. Hit me up, we can work something out.


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