Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cycling for Peace & Environmental Protection: The 2-wheel REVOLUTION!

Don't you hate it when you stop to fix a flat only to get spit on by a camel? Me too. I guess thats the nice thing about Pittsburgh (aside from great hills) - the fact that we don't hafta worry too much about those saliva-savvy desert dwellers.

Anyway, I'm posting to see if anyone else may be interested in joining me on the greatest ride of your life. This will be my third time participating on the Arava Institute/ Hazon "Israel Ride" - a 320 mile (512 kilometer - get used to metric!) bike excursion through the Negev desert. Its a 5-day saga, featuring full support along the way. That means airfare, hotels, rental bikes, are included. Security and a crew of bike mechanics follow at all times.

This is a major fundraiser for a progressive environmental school based in the Israeli desert which provides the education for the future environmental leaders of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. They are focused as much on forging a future of peace and cooperation as they are in securing the environmental future for the mid-east. Truly a great cause!

Be warned: the fundraising obligation attached is quite large, but again, it goes to a worthy cause and the long sweeping switchback descent into the dead sea (the very LOWEST point of elevation on earth) makes all the hard work well-worth it! Check out the ride's website at for more info, and don't hesitate to ask me about what it was like... Ride on, Panther Cyclists!


At 15/11/06 3:46 PM, Blogger Jerome said...

Noah, I'm very interested in doing this race with you. I'll have to catch up with you one on one to discuss some things in detail.


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