Monday, November 13, 2006

Trail system

Here are two good articles from the Post Gazette about the trail system expansion in pittsburgh
This one talks a lot about overall what is being done and talks about the new hot metal bridge (won't be done for a year unfortunatly). But it will have an over-pass that connects directly with the "jail tail." Looks like good things are coming. It also mentions that they are in talks with sandcastle to connect the southside trail to the waterfront trail!
This one talks about the county's plan to expand the systen to 100 MILES (whoah) of trails up and down all three rivers. This issue is coming up for vote in 2 weeks at the county meeting, maybe we can as a club go to the meeting or even send a letter to council?

Apparently only 9 miles in the entire county are still privately owned which would complete Allegheny county's section of the allegheny passage (the trail to cuberland MD, which connects with the trail to DC)

enjoy the reading hopefully you are as excited as I am!



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