Thursday, February 15, 2007

Amazing Wheelset Offer!

Welcome to the latest version of Dan's Bike Shop!

Looking to upgrade your wheelset? I am now selling a pair of Bontrager Race Lite Wheels. They're brand new and are quite lovely. Very stiff, very strong, very aero, very bling. I'm selling them for super cheap to you guys since, well, I love y'all. These are normally a $400 wheelset I'm willing to part with for cost, which is $250. That's less than what you can get through our orders!

Here are some features:
  • Low profile, eyeletted rim for improved ride characteristics (aka sweet looking hub)

  • Sealed cartridge bearing hubs for increased durability

  • Bladed, stainless steel spokes with E-coating makes these wheels look great

  • Aluminum alloy locking nipple

I mean look at it:

Sexy, no? You know you want 'em! ;-)


At 16/2/07 8:20 AM, Blogger foxzulu said...

what's e-coating?


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