Friday, December 01, 2006

what shit!

I just thought I'd post the insane injustice that Astana, team of Vuelta winner Alexander Vinokourov, DID NOT receive a ProTour liscence!!!!!!


At 1/12/06 11:21 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah That kinda pisses me off.
here is what McQuaid is claiming

“Quite simply, they haven’t followed the regulations,” said UCI President Pat McQuaid when Cyclingnews contacted him on Thursday evening. “They [Astana] didn’t get their information in on time. It is as simple as that. The regulations are there for all the teams to follow. They know the times, they know the dates, they know what they need to get in and the correct paperwork wasn’t in on time.”

At 2/12/06 3:34 PM, Blogger Ninjaturtle said...

Hey! Will your course lecturer give you an A when you turn in your papers late, even if they are well written? Punctuality is all-important, isn't it?

At 3/12/06 1:08 AM, Blogger mostro delle montagne said...

punctuality is important, but I think, given the circumstances of the team being saved mid-season might lend some excuse to things running a little late. I'm sure sponsoring an elite level cycling team off the cuff isn't an easy transition, but something that people put years of planning into. It's not like it was discovery or t-mobile just forgetting to sign something. so, one should ask, does punctuality in this case overshadow one of the best riders/teams in the world? Seems to me like it just makes the protour look like idiots and just hurts their already terribly flawed system.


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